Alf Herigstad-Alt For Norge

Wendy features a guest, Alf Herigstad, who talks about his experience on a popular reality TV show in the country of Norway called “Alt For Norge.” He also talks about the release of his book, “Forging A Man.”


Welcome Back Kim!

Wendy features a guest, Pamela Naidoo, and she talks about the upcoming release of her first book, “Just” Friends – The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Male Friendships. Wendy talks about the fight between Kim and Kenya at Sheree’s house warming party.

Apollo’s New BAE

Wendy features a guest, Patty Clark, and she talks about her book, “Damsel In Dis Mess: Girlie Antics and Other Shenanigans.” Wendy talks about Kandi and Todd giving their friends and family a preview of their restaurant, and the fact Apollo’s new girlfriend shows up.